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Ancient Village in Anhui, China

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

On a trip to China I flew into Beijing and took the high speed train to Anhui. The train is very sleek and modern . It operated at about 300 km/hr at the time, I believe. The trip took just 3 hr and 45 minutes to travel the 1,031 km distance.

From there I took local transportation to see the ancient city of Tangmo. This is a bit of a throw back in time. Often in places like this the village is for show only. But here it is a working village where people still live and raise their families.

They charge a small fee to enter the village. After entry you walk across the pathway and bridges that cross the river that runs through it.

The village was built during the Tang dynasty and dates back about 1500 years. The buildings are called Hui style.

The river is actually a working river, unlike most in the USA now. People actually use the river for everyday purposes. Even laundry is still done there.

I loved my time here because it was so peaceful. I didn't encounter any tourists here. But the people I came in contact with really paid me no mind. It was a bit strange in that way as I'm accustomed to being looked at as an oddity as a westerner in other parts of remote China.

Love the traditional sculptors of the Chinese people.

Bamboo is very popular here. It is a very strong wood and is used for building many things, including walkway bridges.

Bamboo forest in the village.

Pagida building usually has a religious function.

Beautiful old tree honored in the village.

Narrow street of the village.

Cute little children of this ancient place.

Great side trip on my way to the mountain region of China.

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