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Antelope Island - Great Salt Lake Park

On a western USA trip to Utah and some surrounding states, I was quite amazed at the beauty that lies within our own country. I know it is the opinion of many who live in this great country to never see a need to leave here. It could take a lifetime of travel to explore the treasures that lie in the vastness of our home.

I cannot argue anyone's opinion on the matter. They would be right in many ways. If it were not for the desire to seek the learning from other cultures I would likely never leave either.

Some of our greatest national treasures lie in the western area of our country. I've posted on some of them already:

In addition to these is Antelope Island in the Great Salt Lake Park. Not a well known place to visit as it is perhaps lost in the greater adventures of Utah. But I will post the pictures of my trip there.

Antelope Island has an interesting history. It was first "discovered" and named by the great Kit Carson. As he and another traversed the Great Salt Lake they were informed of fresh water on the island by native Indians. While there they shot an antelope for food and in memorialization, I suppose, they named it antelope island.

The island remained privately owned for the majority of time by cattle and sheep ranchers as it is great for grazing. However, over time, the island was purchased in pieces by the state of Utah in the development of this great state park. The entire island officially became a state park in 1981.

At 42 square miles it is the largest of the islands in the Great Salt Lake. It lies very close to Salt lake City.

There are antelope, bighorn sheep, coyote, bobcat, mule deer as well as other animals. But I predominately saw bison on my visit.

The bison are not native to the island, but they were introduced there in 1893. They have since thrived on this island because of the readily available dry grassland available as a food source.

I don't know what happened to this bison. Maybe he drank too much of the salt water?

The drive across the Great Salt Lake was a beautiful adventure in itself. I can't imagine being Kit Carson over a century and a half ago traversing this land. Yeah, I bet he didn't believe he was going to see freshwater in awhile.

Beautiful,serene drive over this scenic plane.

Eventually, you are rewarded by seeing the old west as it used to be. Wild buffalo roaming the range. This is exactly how I pictured the old west anyway.

Add to that the backdrop of the snowy mountains, and you've got it all. What a great drive!

I never saw any other significant wild animals other than these. But it was sufficient for me.

There has been talk about this becoming a national park, but it hasn't come to fruition yet. I certainly hope it does, because it deserves the recognition.

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