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Bangkok Premier Lounge

This lounge was a bit different than my normal experience but that’s what I prefer in my travels. This was part of Qatar Airways lounge collection so they offered Halal food for the Muslim patrons. However, my status with the alliance allowed me complimentary entry so I gave it a try:

I always enjoy the lounges where you can order off the menu. It was a buffet here as well, but if I have a chance to order off the menu I will always take that opportunity. Not only is it usually better prepared, but I don’t have to worry about people having just sneezed on my food as much. But that’s not a given.

I started off with some shrimp congee. Congee is like a rice soup. It’s very popular in Asia especially for breakfast.

Then it was on to poached eggs And hashbrowns.

Later, I moved from the dining area and enjoyed coffee and a private seating area. The lounge is not very crowded this morning.

I didn’t take that great of a video so you can see but I hope you can tell by the videos that I was a bit out of place here. This was Qatar Airways lounge so it was mostly Muslim people in here because they eat special foods and prohibited from eating certain things, such as pork.

Even though I appeared a bit out of place, I was not at all uncomfortable. This is an international lounge and people from all cultures and nationalities partake of the services here. Today, the world really is a global place.

I really enjoyed this lounge. It was very clean and the service was excellent. Having the rare opportunity to order from a menu at this lounge was a huge plus for me. I was concerned prior to entering I might not find the food to my liking, but I’m happy to say I was wrong.

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Mike Wells
Mike Wells
13 Ιουν
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It's amazing the different lounge areas between the airlines. This was well set up and an opportunity to try different things if you wanted but with the opportunity to order a simple breakfast.

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14 Ιουν
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Yeah it was a cool experience

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