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Biking in Indonesia

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

This is why I do it. I spend my time earning loyalty points to travel the world to enjoy these types of moments. To arise in a strange place in the morning, get out on a pedal bike in this case, and pedal through the villages where the "real" people live.

That's what I did this particular morning as I've done many other times. I prefer a pedal bike to a motorcycle or car because it's more quiet and peaceful. When going through small villages and serene scenery it's best done in reticence.

Which path should I take? The one less traveled of course!

This particular morning was very quiet. I did see some children playing outside with a parent but I didn't photograph. I stopped and offered some candy as I often do as an ice breaker but the children were too shy to approach. Finally the mother came to me and took the candy for them. She didn't speak English, though, and I didn't get out my translator app, so we communicated only through smiles. But that's the best communication. I could hear the children shouting something in their language as I pedaled away. Candy for breakfast, lucky kids!

I continued through some very well manicured paths on my ride. The people here took good care of their beautiful, natural landscape. No need to go to the nursery here. This is where you come to get your plants.

Not all on this ride was through nicely maintained landscape. I also experienced the untamed jungles of Indonesia. I'm usually a bit apprehensive when I go through these areas as I'm never sure of the local animal habits. But this ride proceeded without event, happily.

Rice, the life bread of Asia. In abundance everywhere in the country. But I never grow tired of going through the rice fields. My ride this morning took me through these fields.

There is a special tranquility biking through the rice fields of Asia. No workers today but normally there is someone in the fields in the morning. Usually they'll look up in a curious manner as I pedal through. The workers are typically shy but will always return a wave.

This particular morning I spent about two hours on my ride. I pedal quite slowly because of the heat. Even the mornings can be quite hot and humid but it's the best part of the day.

Yeah, this is why I do it.

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