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Cape Fahn - A Luxury Experience

Updated: Jan 15

This was a luxury hotel location that had been on my list for a long time. It is affiliated with the Hyatt brand, my favorite point currency, so I had aspired to use my points rather than pay the large nightly price (especially for Thailand) to stay here.

The hotel is located on the island of Koh Samui. Actually, it's located on its own special, private island off the island of Koh Samui. But a boat ride is not required. The water between the two islands is shallow enough to take a high wheeled vehicle;

Transportation to the private island.

I had rented a car on the island for exploration, but had to park it on the main island before being picked up by this contraption. It was a bit of a pain to be transported to my car each time I wanted to use it, but the privacy of the island made up for it.

The going nightly rate for these private suites is around $1,000 per night. But for me at the time, was 25,000 Hyatt points. A bargain at that price! I stayed for 3 nights before moving to other luxury hotels on the island.

The suite features a bedroom with pool and ocean view as well as a separate living area with the same views. Sliding doors from both rooms open to a private pool that looks over the ocean.

I do love a private pool as I rarely go into public ones. I don't care how much chlorine they put into those public waters, I'm not going in. But I used this pool frequently. The water was always warm and the view of the ocean supreme.

Since I was visiting during the pandemic, and due to my Globalist status, I was given one of the better suites close to the ocean. This made relaxing by the pool and ocean simultaneous. Although I'm not much of a beach person, I do enjoy a private viewing, especially if my room is only steps away.

The hotel was good with the small personal touches. They even left me a nice personalized cookie. Even if I did eat cookies I probably would have spared the life of this one. I mean, who can eat their name?

This was my view from my private pool:

Yeah, this does seem like a waste of space for a solo traveler, but as I've said, I never give up an upgrade. It's all the sweeter when the room is free or nearly free.

The beach was small and not overly impressive. Since it was during the pandemic the occupancy rate was in the single digits. As a result, the beach area was never crowded. I only came for a walk by view as I'm not a fan of lying on the sand.

They did have nice hammocks on the property for relaxing and viewing:

The overall private island was small enough it could be explored in 30 minutes. In some ways it reminded me of Cabbage Iskand in Maine for it's size and mostly rocky terrain. But no lobsters and clams, unfortunately:

The larger beach on the main island could be walked to during low tide. It was only knee deep water at that time. I would often walk to the main island rather than try to find the driver to drive me across.

It was on this beach of the main island I had my best meal ever, as simple as it was:

The breakfast at the hotel was complimentary. It was both buffet and cook to order. When given that option I usually prefer to have it freshly cooked. A simple breakfast this morning:

I'll leave you now with my evening view of the sunset from the main beach on the large island. My dinner view:

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Roger Wells
Roger Wells
03 jan.
Betygsatt till 5 av 5 stjärnor.

Wow, everything is amazing. I could definitely hangout there for as long as my money would let me. Just looks so peaceful and a great place to relax . The pool is beautiful and to have the ocean right in front of it and finally that night sky. OMG. Like I said AMAZING.


Mike Wells
Mike Wells
02 jan.
Betygsatt till 5 av 5 stjärnor.

What a beuitiful place incredible amenities. It's really to bad you could not have taken your wife for such a relaxing place. Beuitiful by day and night

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