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Cape of Good Hope

The southern tip of Africa is where will you find this. Oh wait, I'm wrong! Like many other people, that's what I originally thought. But Cape Agulhas nearby is actually the southern tip. No matter, it's still very near the meeting of the Atlantic with the Indian Oceans.

There are a number of tours you can take from Cape Town to this popular viewpoint. However, I rented a car at the hotel and did a self drive. Along the way I stopped to walk with the penguins on the shore:

There is an admission price of nearly $20 USD to enter for foreign visitors. Only $5 if you're a resident. I'm always happy to see the government make it more affordable for its own residents, especially in low income countries. No one should be denied seeing the natural wonders of their own land.

The sign at the Cape is always a good photo op. I took my selfie at a distance as I didn't want to wait for a semi-lame photo.

Then it was on to the top for the great views:

Not much for greenery along the way. This is rough country:

But the views are improving as you climb:

From a diversity of visual content, it's hard to beat South Africa. Earlier in this trip I had visited the African animals in their natural habitat of Kruger Park.

On another trip I visited the diving areas of the east coast. The interior of the country can be quite dramatic with impressive waterfalls and deep gorges. I actually ziplined across an incredibly impressive deep gorge one morning.

And here at the southern tip you are presented with these dramatic views:

These photos were taken with my very old IPhone. They are not of as good quality as more recent. I also captured video here but it was saved in a format not compatible with this site so I could not upload.

This place is likely much more impressive than my pictures display. I know how impressed I was looking across these tough waters from these rocky ledges.

This trip had an interesting conclusion a year later. I had paid for my rental car on my American Express card. One year later I received a charge of about $30 from the rental company for what it claimed was a speeding charge. In South Africa speed cameras are legal, however, there are always notices when you approach. I was careful after a previous incident at Kruger not to speed, so I thought it a bogus charge. Really? A year later.

Anyway, I challenged the charge with American Express and they quickly resolved in my favor. As I've indicated in past posts, I'm not trustful of South Africa law enforcement.

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Mike Wells
Mike Wells
7 days ago
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Who is the guy that keeps showing up in these photos. He must travel with you he does have a familiar face. Beuitiful photos of this land. I am glad that they make it reasonable for the locals to go. It's there land they should enjoy it

7 days ago
Replying to

You mean the handsome guy in the blue jacket? I can’t seem to get rid of that old man. Didn’t you read my post about “traveling with an old person” about that guy?

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