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Cheap Hotel Pet Peaves

Now, I know I post a lot about the five star hotels where I stay on points. But I don't always stay on points because I don't always stay in chain hotels. When I travel to more remote areas, often they only have two star hotels at best.

I'm not above staying at cheap hotels. I've done it many times. And I will say that most hotels are grossly overrated. What I mean is, if I see something that says that it's three stars, I expect a two star hotel because most people over rate hotels.

I'm currently staying in what I would call a two star hotel. In Dumaguette on the island of Negros occidental in the Philippines I stayed at the Henia hotel. It Is one of the better hotels in the city. The rate is about $45 per night including taxes and breakfast. It is a decent enough hotel, but it is a hotel that hit every one of my pet peeves when it comes to hotel stays.

My list:

I really don't like it when the writing on the toilet amenities is so small that you can't distinguish between the shampoo and the body wash. I really hate to go try to find my glasses and some good lighting so I can read the small print to distinguish between the two. Why can't they just put big print on the small containers? I mean there must be many vision challenged travelers that goes through the same experience.

I'm OK with these cheap small bars of soap they provide in these less expensive hotels. I'm perfectly fine with them. But what I don't like is that they wrap them in plastic so tight you can't possibly open them unless you have a knife with you. Why can't they just simply provide a little tear place where you can easily open these things?

I was actually impressed there was a safe in this room. I didn't expect it. But I do not like it when you have to enter eight numbers for a code. I mean who needs something that secure? I have a hard enough time remembering four numbers now you're gonna make me remember eight?

Towels only. These are actually pretty nice towels for a two star hotel. But I would prefer a cheaper towel if it would afford them the opportunity to put washcloths and hand towels in the room as well. I mean one towel to do all my business? Not enough!

At this hotel breakfast does not open until 7 AM. But I often wake up by 4:30 AM at the latest. I like to have coffee early. When I saw this hotel had a coffee area in the room, I was actually quite happy. That is until 4 AM when I went to make a cup, and I found out they only provide a coffee maker, but no coffee. Had I known that the night before I would've gone to the 7-Eleven and picked up some coffee. But alas!

OK I saved the best for last: toilet paper. Most Asians don't use toilet paper as they just use water. But most hotels provide toilet paper anyway for the tourist. This hotel did not as you can see. Why have a toilet paper holder if you're not going to provide the toilet paper? In an emergency, like I had this morning, do they honestly think that I have time to run out to the 7-Eleven to buy a roll? Well this morning I had to use the Asian method with the provided water hose to the side of the toilet. Certainly not my favorite thing to do!

Yeah, this hotel hit every one of the pet peeves that I have that I can think of anyway. Although I sound like I'm complaining here, I'm really not. These are just simple, minor annoyances. I actually feel quite grateful. I'm able to do the things I do, and go to places I go.

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