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Chinese Delicacies?

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

I'm not a big fan of Chinese food. I'm mostly a meat eater but I find the meat difficult to eat there because of the bones. Many small bones in the fish and chicken. I commend the Chinese for not being wasteful people, but I'm not used to the entire chicken, neck and all, along with the entire fish, head and all, being served. I stick with the vegetables when I visit.

I leave the fish head. Eat the veggies.

But there are much stranger foods served in China. At least strange to this American. While walking the streets of Beijing I came across some Chinese delicacies????

The busy walking streets of Beijing, China

Streets of Beijing

Scorpions on a stick anyone?

Now I can't understand how these look appetizing to anyone. But to each their own! I'm not sure how Maine fiddleheads look to the Chinese!

But wait! If you, like me, think these scorpion don't look appealing, take a look at them in motion:

Ok, that just definitely killed it for me. I'm adventurous, but I have my limits.

There were other foods on the streets of Beijing to enjoy:

Even the fried squid looked more appealing. At least I know I can eat the chips and calamari.

It was interesting how they place their foods on the streets for sale. But it's not unlike most Asian countries in that regard:

Fresh chicks anybody? Hard pass for me!

I'll stick with the vegetables today.

And maybe a play after dinner:

Chinese street stage play in Beijing.

I will say walking the streets of the Chinese capital was a worthwhile experience. It was an experience unlike any before. But it was not without its perils (nothing too serious). I'll cover that in my next post.

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