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Coming up on a Year

I had committed to posting daily for a year. My first post was in early June but I didn’t start daily posting until July 1, so I’ll use that date. So in less than two months I’ll meet that milestone.

I haven’t posted my most interesting travel destinations yet, but I plan to do so over these next few months. After that, I will likely stop this blog or slow down to a post or two per week.

When I travel I often come across people who love to share their stories. Sometimes they’re interesting and sometimes they’re not. To me they’re only interesting if they’re unique. But regardless, their stories are always interesting to them.

I expect that is how it is with me, I find my travel experiences interesting but I expect they’re only interesting to me. I started this more as a story repository so I’ve met my goal. If anyone was interested in reading, well, that would be a bonus.

The readership here is diminishing. Now I only get a few readers per post. That’s down about 50% from just a few months ago. I appreciate the few that come here to read each day as well as the casual readers. But I think the overall lack of interest in these stories is apparent. As a result, after I finish documenting my most interesting stories I’ll likely either stop or seriously cut back.

Again, thanks so much to the few of you that have stayed with me this year. I know many of these posts are probably not to your liking, especially the science stuff, but I appreciate your encouragement.

If I do stick it out past the one year mark I’ll probably just stick with the fictional travel stories as those are the most popular. Maybe just a post or two per week and see how that goes. Anyway, I just thought I’d give you some advanced notice before I stop or cut back.

Thanks again for reading!

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Mike Wells
Mike Wells
03. Mai

Well it has been great following your jouneys but totally understand . I will continue to read until you stop. Thank you for keeping me along on your journeys

Gefällt mir
04. Mai
Antwort an

I appreciate that you have been a daily reader since the beginning Mike. I also very much enjoy your daily comments. Thanks for joining on the journey.

Gefällt mir
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