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Compassionately Uncompassionate for the Morbidly Obese in those Airport Carts

I know its an oxymoron but it’s what I am. Not in all things but one thing in particular. I’ll explain.

When I am at an airport trying to walk the halls to my flight, it can be a maze sometimes. I’m often in a hurry to make it to my gate and I find myself weaving in and out of foot traffic . I realize others are not in a hurry and walk at a slower gait, and I’m fine with that. It’s just part of the challenge making it through the traffic.

But here’s the thing: Those annoying buggies carrying those who cannot or refuse to walk. Now I’m not talking about the legitimate disabled people nor even those who fake a disability because I can never identify them anyway. But I’m specifically talking about those who are morbidly obese and created their own disabled state.

When that cart is bussing those 300+ pounders through the airport and tooting that horn, I get pissed. I mean who do they think they are? Moses? Can they just part the Red Sea and provide their own easy passage at the expense of us Egyptians? Am I suppose to give them hallway priority to their flights at my expense because they made a life choice to self inflict damage to themselves? Really?

Now before you start calling me all kinds of names in defense of the pie hole filling masses who fill these hallways, I don’t buy the argument that everyone, or even a significant percent, has a thyroid or metabolism problem. If that were true it would manifest itself in the global population but it doesn’t. It’s a Western problem. Too much junk food and too little excercise. Simple enough.

But then it becomes a cyclical thing. The obese have difficulty walking so they grab those WalMart electric buggies and fill their shopping carts with more junk. The very people who need to walk the most, are taking those buggies. And I’m suppose to give them priority at the airport? Hell, they even get to board the plane first! We reward these people for being morbidly obese!

Being a person who has struggled with my weight in the past, you would think I would be more compassionate. But I’m not. Being one of those obese nuts in the past I understand the cycle that leads to obesity, but I’ll never condone it! I will never make excuses for it! I never claimed to have a metabolism problem other than the one I created. For me it was nothing other than gluttony and laziness. I believe that’s what it is for the masses as well.

You don’t need to call me uncompassionate, because I’ll call myself that. In fact I am compassionate about my lack of compassion in these situations. If we just continue to reward people for their poor behavior, we are validating it.

Now, I haven’t gone to the point where I refuse to heed the beeping call of the airport cart carrying their oversized load, but I’m getting close to it! Right now it is instinctive to move aside to the beep, but I want to get to the point where I turn and look first. If I see a cart with a load on it that causes those tires to appear flat, I’m just going to hold my ground. They can go at the same pace as the rest of us!

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Mike Wells
Mike Wells
Jun 20
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I think we need to reward older people to get rides go first in line . Just something to reward them for being on the earth for a long time and need a little help to get around. The obese people need help but possibly ask them to walk some of the way

Jun 20
Replying to

Maybe I was too harsh on that post?

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