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Drive along the Dead Sea in Jordan

Updated: Jan 15

The Dead Sea borders Israel and Jordan. It is called the Dead Sea because nothing loves in it. The salinity is so high it's not possible. It is a beautiful area of the country with some dramatic views looking down from ledges into the sea.

I drove the eastern (Jordan) side of the lake for its entire length. I rented a car in Amnam, Jordan, then drove to my hotel on the northern side of the Sea. After a few days there I was headed for Petra. I decided to take the longer, scenic route. I'm glad I did! I was rewarded with great views.

I'll share some of the photos I took along the way starting from north and driving south:

Perhaps the most striking features of the sea are the changing colors of the water. From emerald green to aqua blue the contrast was evident. The white salt deposits are visible in areas where the water has receded, and the loss of water in this sea is significant.

The loss of water, due to factors such as consumption (the Jordan river feeds into the sea yet this same water is trucked into the interior for personal consumption), and climate change have led to a sea that is only a shadow of its former glory. But, from a visual perspective, it has developed some dramatic cliff views of the remaining sea.

The drive was quite nice because I was there during the non-tourist season. It's still quite cool in February so people aren't traveling here yet. This lead to a relatively peaceful drive along the sea. In another month or so I believe these roads would be quite congested and the scenic pullouts significantly more crowded. But, that's part of the reason I travel off-season (the other part being lower cost)

As you can see, the "beach" along the water is not too amenable for sun bathing. Actually, there were very few easy access points to reach the sea. If you were not staying in a hotel, which provided steps and elevators for easier access, this could be quite problematic to negotiate to the water. Especially for the elderly and handicapped.

This rocky sea is certainly unique. It appeared surreal at times, almost like being on an alien planet (with water). This is the type of scenery I seek when I travel. A landscape that is different in dramatic fashion from the rest of the world. Being in the lowest elevation on earth, this met the expectation and exceeded.

Now to the southern end of the sea:

It seemed odd that people lived on the southern, most dry end of the Dead Sea. This was the least appealing part of the sea due to the lack of water.

I spent about 2 1/2 hours driving and stopping along the Dead Sea this morning. It was one of the most memorable parts of my Jordan trip. As I've said, the journey is often superior to the destination!

I'll leave you with a sunset over the Dead Sea:

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