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Drive through Hokkaido, Japan

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

On a visit to Japan's northern Island of Hokkaido, I rented a car to better explore the island. I documented the story already about my forged international driver's license and encounter with the police in Hokkaido here:

I flew into the ski resort city of Sapporo and stayed at the end of the ski season. I didn't ski as I had no equipment and refused to rent to ski when the snow was not accommodating. Instead I explored the island with my rental car.

I drove from Sopporo all the way to the northern tip of the island. I'll share my photos with you:

The drive took me along the western coast of the island

Many scenic coastal pull overs

When I encountered all these cars parked on the side of the road I was curious and stopped

Turns out it was a popular fishing spot

I took the walk down but I did not engage the fishermen and women. I just wanted to enjoy the scenery:

On I drove to the end of the island to:

Cape Chikyu is a scenic cliff area popular with the islanders. Chikyu mean cliff. The cliffs rise over 300 feet above the waters.

This place is packed with Japanese tourists on New Year's Day as many come here to see the rising of the first sun of the new year. Sorry, I missed it.

The walkways to the views could be quite long and steep but I made it:

And then the reward at the end of the walk:

Looking down from the cliffs 300+ feet

A memorable drive with an exciting destination at the end. And best of all, no traffic stops on this drive!

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