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Egyptian Belly Dancer

Updated: Jan 23

Ok, how can I go to Egypt without seeing an Egyptian belly dancer. That's what I did on one particular excursion.

I visited the city of Sharm El Sheik in Egypt. I did not realize it at the time, but this is a Russian playground. Many visitors from Russia come here, I expect because it is close by and it is a relatively low cost area. The entire area seems to cater more to Russians than English-speaking people.

On my trip to Sharm El Sheik I decided one evening that I would take a nighttime boat cruise. I did not realize prior to this that the boat would be almost 100% Russian tourist. All the announcements on the boat were done in Russian. I really don't recall now if they spoken English at all on that boat. But I do know that I felt very much out of place.

I can also tell you that the Russian people really like to party. And unlike many other nationalities, they don't party to western music, but to their own. Actually, this was quite a unique experience that I'm glad that I was able to witness.

But the focus of this post is more on one particular aspect of the evening cruise. Towards the end of the cruise out came an Egyptian belly dancer. This was totally unexpected on my part, but I was glad to witness something new. But I will say it was a disappointment.

Here is a picture of the small cruise ship:

We set out into the Red Sea at the southern tip of the Sinai peninsula. This is an area at the southernmost part of the Bay of Aqaba.

After the serving of a Buffet dinner, the belly dancer appeared:

I really didn't know what to expect from this performance, but I will say that this did not meet with the little expectation I had. The music was too loud and not at all appealing. The lady dancer was not very attractive, but then again, that certainly isn't a requirement to be a dancer.

Her moves seemed contrived, and the whole experience just seemed an invention for tourist. Yeah, this whole experience was just a tourist trap, but there wasn't a lot of other things to do in this area so I made the decision to try it out. I will say that I could've left this experience behind and I wouldn't have missed it much. Other than having the experience of being around so many Russians, and watching them party. that was certainly the most memorable part of the trip.

I don't find the Russian people to be overly friendly. They keep themselves from what I saw. But I will say they seem to like to have a good time.

I'll leave you with a couple of clips of the belly dancer:

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