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Executive Platinum Experience with American Airlines

I noticed American Airlines gets heavily criticized by many of the bloggers. Although I understand the criticism, as I've had numerous bad experiences with flight attendants in the past, I've also had some very great experiences too. Since only the bad behaviors get the press, I thought I'd share an actual good one.

Executive Platinum is a loyalty status granted by American Airlines for their top customers. It allows a number of perks such as extra award miles when buying a ticket, same day flight changes, priority seating, early boarding, free drinks on board, and many others. But the only one that matters to me, really, is the free upgrade to first class on an award ticket.

I am upgraded to first class probably 80-90% of the time on my award tickets. Now that represents a tremendous value. A few days ago, on my mostly sold out flight, I was one of 25 people in the upgrade queue for first class. Because of my Executive Pmatinum status I was number 1 in the queue and secured the only seat available for upgrade. Now that's cool when that happens.

But I really wanted to relay a separate experience I had regarding this status. One that had never happened to me in my 4+ years with this status.

On that same trip I had a leg where there was no first class section, only coach. I was seated near the back of the plane when the flight attendant came to me and asked if I wanted a pre-service drink. I had never been asked that before, but sure, why not?

I told her I'd take a Diet Coke so she went to the front to get it. A few moments later she walks down the aisle with my coke with all eyes in attendance. I'm sure they wondered who was this special person who needed a drink before everyone else, that's what I would have thought.

She made her way to me giving me my special coke and thanked me for being an Executive Platinum member. Then she went back to the front to serve everyone else.

Now, I'm not really into special service line that! I mean, sure, it's nice to feel appreciated, but not at the expense of that embarrassment. I should have thought it through before I agreed to take her up on her offer.

It is quite rare to receive any on board recognition for being an Executive Platinum. On one other occasion a flight attendant left a thank you not on my seat when I arrived. On two other occasions flight attendants have personally come up to me in my seat to thank me. But these are rare occasions.

But this lady took it to a new level. I'm happy for the recognition, just not in a public setting as this was done. Very embarrassing as I was viewed as a "special case" by all on the plane.

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