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Faces of Nong Khai Thailand

I love to photo the people of the places I visit. Sometimes they know I'm taking their pictures, but sometimes not. At first I was unsure if I could photo people without their knowledge, but I read if people are in a public place, it's ok. I just avoid photographing anyone in an embarrassing situation unless they deserve it like the "manspreader":

Nong Khai is in the northeastern part of the Isaan region. These remote areas are the ones I love to visit the most. Other than ex-pats, not many westerners to be found.

This area is famous for the Naha Fireballs seen across the Mekong River. These unexplained basketball size balls seem to rise from the River into the sky without any explanation to the origin. I did not witness this on my trip.

But I did visit the city and took pictures of the people. Please enjoy!:

This is a common view throughout Thailand. People reflecting. I know that they are very big on meditation, but this doesn't seem to be a form of meditation that I'm aware of. Perhaps they just have too much time on their hands? Or perhaps they really understand quality of life?

The kids here are just like all the other kids of the world. They loved playing in sand.

It's not unusual to see young, school-age kids riding motorbikes in the smaller villages of Thailand. Not many wear helmets either. And I know they don't have licenses.

The city lies across the border river to Laos.

One of the things that always struck me about Thailand is that the men always seem to stay more fit than the women. I don't think it's because they are more active, so I'm not really sure the reason.

Never a shortage of street food in Thailand.

Boatsman on the Mekong.

Other friendly natives! Please don't charge me.

Religion is at the center of all the Buddhist villages of this country.

Dragon snake bridge.

People love a good snake show don't they?

Common scene in Thailand. They love their waterfall pools.

Looking across the river to the country of Laos. No fireballs, darn it!

I hope you enjoyed the village and people of Nong Khai.

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