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Faces of Thailand during Sonkan Festival

Thailand. My favorite country outside the USA, of course. It's the food, the people, the cultural traditions, the diversity, the changing landscape, the ease of entry, the acceptance of all people there, the small villages, their peaceful manner, the laid back life on the Mekong River, the mountains of the Golden Triangle, and just the general tranquility of the country (for me anyway) I love the country!

One thing the country is famous for, which I disagree, is the "Thai smile". I suppose that's true in the tourist areas of Bangkok, but that can be said of any tourist area. Most smiles I encountered there were more a shy smile, which is nice. But, I don't find the Thai people smiling any more than any other country

Regardless, here is a photo essay of some of the people I encountered. I took these during an annual Sonkan festival (water festival) as I walked through a village.

Sonkan (or Sonkran) was originally the celebration of the New Year in much of Asia. That's in keeping with the Buddhist and Hindi calendars. Thailand now officially celebrates the New Year on January 1, but they have kept this traditional festival.

Sonkan is officially April 13, but the government has expanded it several days on each side to allow for travel. This is a big thing in Thailand. I'll post on the actual activities later.

For the foreigner, the most noticeable celebration is all the water guns and other methods to get wet. Anyone walking the street is fair game. Mostly the younger do the watering but any age is the target

I have many more pictures from earlier trips I have on another external hard drive. Perhaps I'll do another in the future. Maybe in traditional dress?

Here it is (I'll narrate what I think they're thinking):

You found us! We're not going to get wet this Sonkan!

What are you doing here?

Hey! Come have a beer!

Sonkan is really a big drinking festival but nobody says that.

Got anymore candy?

When's this guy going to leave me alone?! I'm tired of fake smiling.

Please, let me get back to my nap.

What do you want?

Yeah, I've got attitude!

(Guy in background): why you filming my wife??? !!!

Yeah, I know I have a cute smile.

Wow! This guy is handsome!

Oh no! My acne!


Don't you dare take that picture!

Yes, I am the cutest girl in Thailand.

I hope you enjoyed. I've got a lot more I'll share in the future if anyone is interested in these type of photo essays. My favorite photos are of the people I meet. Thai people are great!!!

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