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Fictional Friday Suspended

As you know, for many months now, I’ve been posting fictional stories every Friday. However, I have decided to temporarily suspend fictional Friday, at least for a while.

The fictional posts take much more time than the real life stories. Mostly because when I write my real life stories, I’m just recounting facts that I recall from the pictures and from in my head. But, fictional posts require more thought and imagination, and therefore it requires much more time to write.

As I come on to my one year of posting, as I’ve said before, I will be slowing down on my posts soon. This blog requires a lot of time and since I’m retired and I am an unpaid blogger, this is more effort than I’m willing to put in for the future.

I currently only have three daily readers of which I am aware. Others come here occasionally to read a few post now and then, but I know that there are three of you that have been with me since the beginning and stayed faithful for my entire year. I’m very grateful that you’ve remained with me through this one year journey.

Even though the fictional posts are my favorite to write, they require about three times the amount of time that I put into a normal post. They take much more time than the science posts that I occasionally write on my wacky Wednesday. That’s because, again, I’m just reciting known facts on the science posts and little imagination is required.

Occasionally here I get readers from distant countries. I am sometimes surprised to see readers from China, Japan, Ireland, or Peru. I expect they find the post through a search engine like Bing. Google is not been my friend here because I’m sure I’m not aware how to manipulate Google like the experts out there. When I see a reader from far away place reading one of my stories it gives me a sense of satisfaction that I can write a story from my house to reach somebody so far away.

Anyway, I thought I would give you notice of my suspension of fictional Friday. I’m not really sure if these are even posts that people want to read. I just know that I enjoy writing them.

Thanks again for those who come this way to read these posts. I will continue this blog even after one year but I will likely slow to either two or three posts each week though.

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Mike Wells
Mike Wells
Jun 21
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Hope you and your family are doing well.l can say I have enjoyed reading the post whether facts or fiction. I think this gas been a journey in your life that you will look back and say that was fun and glad I did it

Jun 21
Replying to

If I live long enough to look back!

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