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First Class Flight on Thai Airways

On my way to Cambodia, I flew on Thai Airways flight TG911 from London to Bangkok. I rarely fly first class as it is not typically available using points. Also, the points required to fly first class is considerably more than the incremental benefits you get flying business class.

I'll take you through my experience as best I can. Starting with the first class lounge experience at the airport.

I visited the Singapore Airlines first class lounge in London prior to my flight. Thai Airways does not have a lounge in London, but they partner with Singapore airlines.

The lounge is very small, but was ok because so few were using it.

The best part about the lounge for me was the availability of these private seating pods. It's difficult to get privacy in most lounges these days, because most often they're so overcrowded.

The food selection was quite minimal compared to most lounges. I've certainly visited better lounges than this, but this was more than adequate for my needs. I especially enjoyed the private shower I was able to take between flights.

After boarding the plane, I took my seat in 2A. There are only eight seats in the first class section and I was seated in the second of two rows.

Seat 2A is a private window/aisle seat with no one seated beside me. The first class section is arranged in a 1-2-1 arrangement, meaning there is a single seat by each window, with two seats together in the middle of the cabin.

The first class section was very dated. You could tell this plane had been in service for many years. The seats were not particularly comfortable nor were they particularly roomy for a first class seat. I've definitely had better business class seats in the past. But please don't take this that I'm complaining at all, I feel very blessed to be able to fly in the front of the plane any time I'm in flight. I'm just trying to be descriptive.

Now, on to the vittles:

I ordered the beef for my dinner and the western breakfast later in the flight.

This flight lasted for 10 hours and 9 minutes from takeoff to landing. I know this to be a fact because I started my timer on my phone when we took off and stopped it when we landed.

They serve dinner about 30 minutes after takeoff. But since I slept for a good portion of the flight, I did not eat the light meal they provided in between dinner and breakfast.

Caviar anyone? The only time I've ever eaten caviar is on a plane. And not very often even then. I'm really not sure how you're supposed to eat it as they give you a lot of condiments to go with it. I always end up looking around to see what other people do to know how I'm supposed to eat it. But, even then I don't normally eat it like they do. I just scoop it up in the spoon and add some of the condiments in the spoon and shovel it in my mouth. It's actually was quite tasty even though it doesn't look good.

The steak was nice, but I've certainly had better steaks in the past. The best part of the dinner was actually the glazed carrots and asparagus.

The cheese and fruit follow the entrée. The cheese was aged and very tasty.

The next course was dessert, but I forgot to photograph it. I had a delicious strawberry tart with ice cream on the side.

About two hours before landing, we were serve breakfast:

After I ordered my breakfast, I immediately regretted it. I wish I had tried a more local taste. This breakfast was really quite boring.

But what I really enjoyed about the breakfast was the coffee. For me anyway, it's difficult to find good coffee anywhere, but they served excellent coffee on this flight.

Shortly after breakfast, we landed. It was just turning morning at that point. Here are some sky shots just prior to landing.

And finally we land:

The pilot really stuck the landing, I give him a 10/10!

That concludes your virtual first class experience on flight TG911. I hope you enjoyed it!

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