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Florida Keys

Flying into Miami I needed a car to drive the 160 miles to Key West. This is about a 3 1/2 hour drive and I wanted a good vehicle to make the journey through the Florida Keys.

For the first time I tried out Silvercar. This is a luxury car rental company that rents Audi cars. They advertise luxury service by delivering your car and greeting you at the airport. There you have no wait, just take the keys and off! Sounded great.

Normally I would never pay luxury service but they were offering a promotion which brought the price comparable to normal rentals. It was just a 3 day rental.

On now to the end of the Keys to Key West.

In the mornings the beaches were deserted. Surely the best part of the day.

Pink Flamingos. These are not usually found in northern Florida where I live. However, the most recent hurricane that hit the Florida Gulf blew one our way. Unfortunately we now have a single pink flamingo in our bay in the panhandle of Florida. Beautiful creatures.

Stayed here at the Sheraton. At the time this was run by the SPG brand but unfortunately Marriott took over the brand and destroyed the loyalty program. But this was an excellent property!

Sunsets and sunrises are popular here,

Paddle boarding is a popular recreational activity.

Yeah, things change during the day. Packed beaches. Not my style, let them enjoy it. I'll take the mornings and the empty beaches.

This square in Key West was a popular place. Especially at night.

Lots of lively activities when the evening approaches. I'm not a big fan of these staged shows but I'll watch for few minutes on the outskirts

Oops! How did they get in my picture? I think they intentionally photo bombed me!

I'm really not a fan of Key West. It was good for Hemingway, but then he was drunk most the time. I really took very few pictures here as I just wasn't impressed by another beach scene. The drive out was kind of cool, the first 30 minutes or so, but then it just got long.

You can guess, I'll not be back. I'll leave it for the beach lovers and party animals.

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