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Going into an Islamic Mosque

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Well I never thought I would do this. But it's exactly what I did on a trip to Cairo, Egypt. While exploring this ancient city I came across this beautiful building, unsure what it was at first I thought it worth checking out.

I found out it was an Islamic mosque. I actually knew it must be religious in nature but was unsure what until I approached. This was a working Islamic mosque with people in there worshiping at the time.

So, why not? I entered. It was morning. I was not sure what to expect. I figured (hoped) the worst that would happen is I would be told to leave. The Egyptian people are nice and I never felt I was in jeopardy during my visit.

I found people praying at this morning hour. Each religion is different, I found the people of the Middle East region to be a very prayerful people in public settings. Not that they're not like that in private, it's just I only see it in public areas. I'm not sure of the the nuances of the religion as I've not taken the time to educate myself. I entered this temple and hoped I didn't violate any sanctities. I did remove my shoes.

Beautiful open building. One thing that stands in contrast to western churches is the lack of seating. I expect it is required they kneel on the floor as they pray.

I took a short video. I tried to narrate while filming but I was conscious not to talk too loud. Perhaps you can hear:

I only stayed a few minutes. I felt quite out of place here and was afraid I may upset some individual worshipping. Another life experience in the memory banks!

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