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Golfing in Egypt

While staying in Egypt near the Pyramds I played some golf. This was the only time I carried my clubs with me overseas so it was a unique event for me, since I was staying at a golf resort I thought it prudent to bring my clubs.

I'm not a very good golfer as I shoot bogey golf on good days. I usually shoot in the 90's but can break the 90's if I'm familiar with the course. But this course in Egypt was tough. Mainly because of the short, thin grass. There is a water issue in Egypt as this is desert, arid land for a large part. The water comes from the Nile and can be expensive. For this reason not much is used on the golf course.

You can see how dry and patchy the course is in this photo. Very difficult to get a good lie for your ball to hit.

The cost of golf at the time I was there was comparable to US prices. I think I paid about $65 for a round. Since Egypt is economically challenged, this is a hefty price for locals. I saw no locals on the course. In fact, it was not busy at all most days.

I asked the golf pro why the cost to play was so locally high and he explained it was due to the high cost of importing water from the Nile river. They recycle the water as best they can in the area, but the course water is lost to the ground and evaporation.

This is an 18 hole course with plenty of sand traps but no water hazards. It certainly was far from the best course I played and very substandard for a resort course.

I had played some golf here with the golf pro who was also my photographer during my time there. For a pro he was not very busy and was always around when I came to the course or driving range. Being I was an American, he no doubt knew of the tipping culture in our country so he sought me out on each of my visits.

The course was at least nicely landscaped with trees. As they are a significant user of water, much of it was used there.

We so much take water for granted in our country. Even during dry times with little rain, we rarely have concerns for shower or bath water. There are many areas of the world where water is a premium. This, of course, is one of them.

Want to see me putt?:

Did you really think I'd include a video where I missed the putt?

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