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Grand Canyon at Sunrise

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

How can you travel and not see the Grand Canyon? It's one of the 3 coolest sites I've visited. The other two being Iguazu Falls in Argentina and the Great Wall of China. I've been to more exciting destinations, but for single awe inspiring sites, these are it.

I've been to the Grand Canyon twice. I remember years ago not being enticed by this area, like many I thought, "why go visit this hole in the ground"? Then I saw it and that changed. The first time I saw it was by helicopter. I took my older daughter by plane from Vegas. We got off the plane and immediately boarded a helicopter. Our first view was plunging over the edge and directly into the canyon, landing at the bottom. Great experience!

But this second visit was more casual. On an early morning drive by to see the sunrise I took these photos:

Colorado river below

It's hard to capture the scale of the canyon in photos. It's just so massive and deep! It's difficult to appreciate its beauty in picture either. Each time I've visited it's even a different color because of the light.

To each their own when it comes to sites that inspire. To me, the grandness of massive things are worthy of awe. We are fortunate we have the Grand Canyon in our own country. Don't even need a passport!

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