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Grand Hyatt Suite in Jeju, South Korea

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Being a Globalist member, my points stay here was upgraded to a suite. But this was not an ordinary suite. Normally when I get upgraded to a suite it's about a 700 square-foot room. This one, however, was approximately 1400 ft.² or 130 m². It was huge!

The suite contained a bedroom, a living area, dining area, a large bathroom, changing room, along with beautiful views of the city. This is one of the better Hyatts I have stayed at and much better than the Hyatt I experienced on the mainland of South Korea.

Jeju island is located off the southern part of the mainland. You can fly or take a boat, I chose to fly as most people do. Arriving at the airport. It is a short 15 minute taxi ride to the hotel.

I'll share some pictures of my suite:

Dinner for six anyone? This large room with massive views of the city served as a dining area as well as a living area. I really only used it to sit and enjoy the view. I never ate here nor did I even use the television. I know! Such a waste of space on me. But I never refuse an upgrade!

On to the bathroom:

I'm not a bath person. I have an aversion to sitting in my own washed off dirt. But this would be a nice soak for those who see it differently.

Huge bathroom with my favorite: rain shower.

Clothing and changing room.

Very comfortable bed with four feather pillows. Auto blinds that open to the city of Jeju.

Back to the living and dining area. Huge! Floor to ceiling windows with auto open blinds. Nice view of the city again.

Evening view of the city of Jeju from my room.

Jeju island is quite different than the mainland, much like Hawaii is different than the USA mainland. With just 700,000 residents on the whole island it pales compared to the cities of Busan (3.5 million) and Seoul (nearly 10 million). But the natural wonders of the island make this a special place to live. I've shared and will continue to share some of the island gems.

I got a sense the islanders are proud to be on this special island. I can understand why.

This was one of the best Hyatt's I've stayed. The breakfast and club lounge enhanced the experience. But the true wow factor was this 1400 square foot suite with stunning views.

I'll leave you with some videos:

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