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Happy New Year!

Updated: Jan 15

Well, thank you for reading this post and the many others you have endured these past six months. This blog has taken a lot of twists from normal travel into fictional stories and science as well as science fiction. I even included my first poem to share.

Although I have been writing for myself without readers for years now, it makes it more rewarding to have readers like you to come here and appreciate the stories. Or even to criticize! I'm still waiting for my first heckler on line so I'll know I'm a real blogger.

I've committed to this for at least a year and I'm halfway there now. I post once per day at least, so I'll have around 400 stories posted after a year. That's a lot to read without getting bored of this stuff. Although I enjoy writing most of these stories, I'll admit I get bored reading some of my ramblings.

I'm happy to be alive in this New Year of 2024. I still feel pretty healthy at my age, but I feel I've taken pretty good care of myself over the years. After a tough start in my late teens and 20's, I think I've done a fairly good job maintaining a healthy lifestyle void of vices. I've found it much easier to make time for exercise now since I quit working. And I did indeed quit as I still am not drawing pensions or social security.

Getting done at age 55 and beginning adventure travel was one of the best decisions I've made. We all want to retire in comfort, but there is a trade off in money earned for quality years of travel. I am happy to give up 10 years of my highest earning pay for these adventure travel years instead. My downsized house and lifestyle was a cheap price to pay.

For me it's all about the stories. I much prefer sharing travel stories to my grandkids than telling them about 10 more years I spent as an engineer in a chemical company. I mean, my first 30 years of work were boring enough! I don't think anyone would want to hear another aqueous dispersion story. I know I don't!

Anyways, thanks for following along on my journeys both in travel, fiction, and science. Now that I have some experience at this, perhaps I can improve these next six months.

Happy New Year to all!

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