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Helen, Georgia - Germantown in the Appalachian Mountains

Helen, Georgia is modeled after a quaint German town. Located about an hour or so north of Atlanta and nestled in the Appalachian mountains, it is a unique tourist area

The town really has no German routes. It was simply a marketing ploy by local businesses to grab a large share of the annual visitors who explore the mountains of Georgia. And it worked!

I have stayed at different areas in the Georgia mountains, but this one was the busiest. With no clear claim on being the best mountainous area of the many choices here, it was quite a marketing feat to pull this off.

Now, I enjoyed my trip stop Germany. I took several work trips there years ago and another personal trip since. The German towns are quite unique and the food is amazing. I actually feel the Germans have the best food in Europe and I’ve enjoyed much French and Italian cuisine while visiting those countries,

The food in Helen was also good, but I’m not saying it is up to the standard I experienced overseas. But then, I only got a couple data points from my visit here.

The streets are kept clean and the vibes seem German authentic to me, other than all the tourists. But, just knowing it’s located in Georgia gives it a phony aura.

Also, I didn’t know Sasquatch was a thing in Germany. I guess it’s Appalachians meets Germany here!

The town is not large. You can walk the length of it in 20 minutes tops. But I think I enjoyed that part of it. A small, compact theme town somehow seemed appropriate.

There is a lovely bridge and a stream that runs through the heart of the town. That certainly added flavor as some of the local breweries were serving up along the streamside.

At the end of the town was a nice park. I wished I noticed it the first day because there was free parking. It would have saved me $20 or so if I had been parking there and take the short 3 minute walk in to the heart of the restaurant area.

Besides, the walk was quite scenic with lovely views along the way.

Since the park was located at the highest point in the town, it offered unique views from above.

This was cherry blossom season. Even though Georgia is not known for cherry blooming, this cooler area of the state will surprise you with the blooms.

Lots of novelty acts in the town to keep you amused.

This is the kind of place that’s great to visit maybe once in your life for one day only. But this is not a place to take your week long vacation.

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Mike Wells
Mike Wells
Jun 17
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Loved the cobblestone and the cleanliness of the area. Just a quaint little town. Good that you have visited both places to have a comparison

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