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Hilton Golf Resort Pyramids Egypt

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

When visiting the Pyramids of Egypt I stayed at the Hilton Golf Resort near the Pyramids. This is about 30 minutes outside the capital of Cairo so it was not as hectic driving. I did not drive this trip as taxis and Ubers were inexpensive and I was not going to do any road trips.

I chose this hotel because it offered recreation (golf) as well as easy access to the Pyramids. Additionally I am a Diamond member if Hilton so I was able to secure a room upgrade.

This was the first time I brought my golf clubs with me. I like to travel light most of the time because not only is it difficult to mobilize with a lot of luggage, but local flights can really eat you up with baggage fees. It is not unusual to pay more for the baggage fees than the actual airline fare in some countries. On a flight within India once I paid $25 for a local airline fare but an additional $110 for the baggage!

Anyway, I was happy to have my clubs and was able to play a couple rounds of golf, one with the golf pro. I also hit the driving range most days.

Here are some photos of my room at the resort:

View of pool area from my balcony

The balcony

Separate living area



Although I used my points for this stay the room rates for this particular suite is a very reasonable $200 per night. A bargain in much of the world but expensive for here. The hotel was almost exclusively foreign tourists.

A large breakfast buffet was included with the room rate as well as executive lounge privileges. I certainly took advantage of both.

As I mentioned, I did play some golf, once with Omar, the resident Pro. I'm not that great of a golfer but I held my own against this "Pro". The course left much to be desired.

Some photos and videos of an Egyptian golf course. Water is a premodern as it all comes from the Nike river. Golf courses don't use a lot of water on the grass because of the water expert. Therefore the course was not in good shape.

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Mike Wells
Mike Wells
06. Aug. 2023
Mit 5 von 5 Sternen bewertet.

Beautiful hotel places like that in America would be highly priced. You would be fortunate to find a place like that for under 600 a night. It is amazing that these places can run on such little water. We are very fortunate to have what we have.

Gefällt mir
06. Aug. 2023
Antwort an

Yeah, that country exists because of the Nile river.

Gefällt mir
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