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How I Travel for Free (Part 9) Getting your Next Car for Free

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Ok, if you followed this series you know the basics of how the credit card game works for free travel. But maybe you're not so much into travel. Are there other ways to take advantage of this? Well, of course! I'll explain.

Travel credit cards aren't the only ones out there. I have a GM credit card issued from Goldman Sachs bank. This is a very interesting card because it pays 4% back on every purchase you make that can be used towards the purchase of a new vehicle. This can be used to make payments on a new vehicle as well if you finance through GM.

Do you currently own a GM product like I do? I own Chevy Silverado 1500 LT pick up truck. It's still under warranty but when the warranty expires soon, I can use the money I've accumulated on this card for repairs. not only that, but I can also use it for non-warranty items such as new tires, extras I may like to add to customize the truck, etc.

My Chevy Pickup

The card comes with other benefits as well like $100 worth of free gas per year if you spend $1500 on gas within that current year (which I always do). It also pays $50 per year towards the detailing of your truck or vehicle.

OK then, how can I scale this to get a free vehicle? My credit limit on this card is $12,000. There are no bonus categories for this card. It's simply 4% back on anything you purchase. So the trick is to buy gift cards that have the lowest possible fees. Now you can buy the fee free gift cards at Office Depot as I explained in the previous post, but they're only offered in $200 denominations. This makes the game too laborious to liquidate in such small denominations. However, Simon gift Mall offers $1000 denomination gift cards for just four dollars per card. These cards can be purchased at a Simon mall or they can be purchased online and mailed to you. I do a combination of both.

With my $12,000 limit I can go to a Simon mall that's located not too far from me and purchase $10,000 worth of gift cards (that's the limit per day). I can go back later and purchase the other $2000 to maximize my credit limit. On my drive back home from the Simon mall I can liquidate all my cards into money orders. This process takes about 4 hours

So what do the numbers look like? The cost of 12 $1000 gift cards is $48. The cost of 12 money orders is $12. So my total out of pocket is $60.

But I generate 4% on the $12,000 I spent. That comes out to $480. If I subtract $60 from the $480 that gives me a net profit of $420 per month. (That comes out to over $100 per hour of my work because I do other Manufactured Spending work in those 4 hour trips back home), If I was to continue this practice for five years I could generate.$25,200 in profits. That could buy me an extra car with good gas mileage I can kick around in locally, like the Chevy Trax. Sure I wouldn't buy that vehicle normally but if it's free, sure!

If you didn't want to wait five years to accumulate that sum, you could buy it now and use the monthly income from this process to make the car payment, if you finance through GM. But I wouldn't do that because you never know when this game will change and this game may not be available in the future.

I've already generated thousands of dollars on this card. My next tires and all the maintenance I'll require for my truck I can easily pay from the accumulated profits on this credit card. If, over time, I generate a significant excess beyond that, I may consider buying a new car with it.

I'm just presenting different options of what you can do with this game. This may not be for you, but it's available.

If you approached this as a hobby, it is not difficult to generate six figures in profits in these various programs to use for travel, new cars, and other things. There are many out there who do!

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Mike Wells
Mike Wells

It's a lot of strategies but you have nothing but time on your hands. You are Retired. Glad you have figured out the system


Einstein said time is an illusion. If he’s right, all I have on my hands are illusions.


Roger Wells
Roger Wells

All I can say is WOW. 🤩😳🤔

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