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Incredible Lounge at Doha, Qatar Airport - Al Mourjan

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

I had flown into this airport years ago but I had forgotten how great the airline lounge was here. But my memory was refreshed in a moment when I saw the large pool of water that is the center piece of the Al Mourjan Business Lounge

Upon entry to the airport it struck me how few people were there. In an age where it seems people are wall to wall at airports due to an increase in international flights, this stood in contrast.

Qatar is a small Arab country that borders Saudi’s Arabia and is mostly surrounded by the Persian Gulf. It is a small middle eastern country of less than 3 million people. But the riches of oil can be seen in the city of Doha.

As I entered the Business Lounge it was obvious I was in a Muslim country:

It’s kind of cool the people here even have a dedicated prayer room to practice their religion:

Can you see the sign on the wall directing to the prayer room?

But the real amazement of this lounge is the beauty of the layout with centerpiece being this water pool:

There are ample areas to visit for dining options.

But the prime dining option is upstairs:

What I enjoy about great lounges is the ability to shower after a long flight. I had just completed 13 hours in the air and I was ready to refresh. This lounge required no reservation as many do for the shower. But there was no wait.

After a shower I chose my seat. I was seated alone at the end of the large pool.

After an hour and a half in this lounge I remembered I had top tier status with this air alliance. So I asked an attendant if I was allowed in the other lounges. She said I had privileges to the Platinum lounge, but I was already in the best lounge.

Well, just for the experience and the pictures I chose to visit the Platinum lounge available to One World Emerald members:

No wait, the lady quickly checked me in:

I realized quickly the lady was right and this paled in comparison to the other lounge..

Still nice with many seats to choose from, but it did not have nearly the choices of the other lounge. Nor was it as beautiful.

After about 30 minutes here I boarded my flight and left Doha.

Goodbye Doha, Qatar!

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Mike Wells
Mike Wells
Sep 29, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

This airport is simply gorgeous unbelievable the lounge areas comfortable serene relaxing especially not crowded. The picture of the city was very picturesque.

Sep 29, 2023
Replying to

Yeah I loved the view from the sky leaving the city by night.

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