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Introduction to Adventure Travels

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Thank you for reading my blog. I'm Kirk and you are reading my travel stories.

I am a retired (quit really as I am too young to draw retirement income) Chemical Engineer residing in Florida. I decided I had worked enough of my life and wanted to see the world, so I turned in my notice and began to plan my travels.

I must travel on a budget and found the world of free or nearly free travel through points gaming. There are tons of blogs to teach you to do the same so that will not be my focus on this site (although I will speak to it to a degree).

Being a reader of travel blogs over the years I found that many have resorted to the Jerry Springer style of blogging as they attempt to glorify the bad behavior in the travel industry. I understand why they do it, as it gets the most hits and monetizes their blog. I will not be a part of that here. The stories I relay will be my own.

I began my international travels when working as an engineer. Mostly to Europe at the time as well as the USA. Post work I have concentrated my travel on the less developed countries. Africa, Asia, and South America being the main focus.

Most all my travels are done as a lone traveler. I believe that as a lone traveler it forces you out of your comfort zone and into experiences you may never otherwise adventure.

I hope you enjoy the stories and how I am able to do this flying in premium cabins and staying in premium rooms (and not so premium rooms) for free or nearly free. Some may read for vicarious reasons but I hope some are inspired to take the travel plunge as well.

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