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Khun Korn Waterfall - Chiang Rai

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

I prefer the northern part of Thailand to the more touristy beach areas. I love the mountains and there are plenty here in the area known as The Golden Triangle. The name comes from the opium growing area that was prevalent in the region years ago

The mountains plus rainforest combine in the manifestation of impressive waterfalls. The highest waterfall in Thailand is located here:

At about 250 ft (80 meters), this is the tallest in the country. During rainy season it can be much more impressive than you see here. I visited in March, after the rainy season.

This is a bit remote from Chiang Rai. There are no tours of which I'm aware to bring you so if you make the journey you may enjoy by yourself as I did.

I rented a small motorcycle in the city and drove the 40 minute drive. The beginning of the trip is driving through the city, but it quickly turned to a nice country drive. I'm always glad to be outside the traffic as motorbike travel in the cities can be quite hectic, and my skills always dubious.

Upon reaching the entrance to the falls I was greeted by this wonderful path through a bamboo forest:

An easy one mile trek brings you to the falls:

This is not a place I would want to be in a heavy downpour during rainy season. I expect it could be subject to flash flooding.

There is a swimming area at the foot of the falls but I just waded into the waters. I was there to immerse myself into the natural surroundings of the mountainous rainforest.

This is one of the few places I've visited in Thailand where the government did not capitalize on nature's beauty. There is no admission fee here!

I stayed about 45 minutes then trekked back through the bamboo forest in hopes my bike would be there.

On the ride back to Chiang Rai I stopped at this scenic eatery beside the river.

This is no 5 star restaurant, but it had a 5 star setting. The food was great as all Thai food is. I enjoyed the experience then back on my bike to Chiang Rai. Happily the ride was without incident.

I'll leave you to enjoy the falls as I did:

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