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Kruger National Park -South Africa

This may be the most exciting travel destination of them all. Although there are more awesome singular sites (Iguazu, Grand Canyon, and Great Wall), the diversity of excitement puts this at the top of the list for me. It seems every turn of the corner brings the opportunity of a new adventure.

Another reason this is the most exciting place is because of the uncertainty. Even though I was in a small car, I was no match for most these beasts. If they chose to attack, my car may afford some protection, but likely not enough.

I've visited this park on two separate occasions, something I only do for the most intriguing of destinations. What makes this park special is you can visit it numerous times and have unique experiences, unlike the 3 sites I mentioned earlier.

Both times I visited the park I did a self-drive. There are other options including group and individual tours by bus or Jeep, but that does not appeal to me. I enjoy keeping my own agenda and being alone with nature. Even though many tourists visit here, the park is huge and I had the experience of driving long times without encountering anyone. Especially on the more remote routes.

Here's what the road looks like:

Some of the animals I encountered on my second trip. I'll post pictures from the first trip on other posts. All these photos and videos are original. I do not use stock images in my posts. I hope you enjoy!

This big guy needs no introduction.

I think this is called a hornbill?

My least favorite African animal. Pesky thieves, cannot trust them. But they're fun to watch.

Twisted horn antelope


The abundance of animals in these photos would lead you to believe there are animals everywhere in the park. Not so. It's possible to drive long distances without seeing anything. Like I said, this park is huge!

It's a bit of a fishing expedition. I could go 20 to 30 minutes without seeing anything significant, then .....bam! A big one!

Water buffalo. Unpredictable beast! I was a bit leary around him. But not as much as I was around this next one:

These guys always made me nervous up close. They're just so big and have a reputation for unpredictability.

Can you spot the leopard? (No pun intended)

Too many of these around.... boring.

The ugly wart hogs. Which one of you is Pumbaa?

Crocodile rock, where are you Elton?

My favorite, the hyena.

Of course, him.

Lucky photo of this Hippo.

There's more pictures but this is a good flavor. There's a lot to cover in detail of this wonderful park. I'll break it down in future posts over this seven part series with more detailed photos and videos of these beautiful residents of the park along with a travel story of my encounter with park police.

For now I leave you with these videos:

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Mike Wells
Mike Wells
May 05
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Great pictures the one of the hippo with his mouth open is incredible. All photos were impressive live pictures in the wide open land free to live there lives was great.

May 06
Replying to

Many more to come! Plus my police incident in the park, maybe not as good a story as yours in Auburn, but good for me

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