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Loud and Obnoxious Behavior when Flying

I think I’ve been lucky so far. I do see a lot of in flight behavior that annoys me, but I have never seen something worthy yet of turning the plane around. But, happily, those are pretty rare events.

On a recent flight I was not yet upgraded to first class (being American Airline Ex zat member) and was seated in my economy seat of 8D. The seat was the 1st row in economy so I was a seat behind the first class section. So, I had first hand view of the premium flyers.

We were waiting for the luggage to load when a man in the 3rd row of first class started talking loudly to anyone who would listen. He obviously came on the flight intoxicated and first thing he did was ask the flight attendant for a drink. He then began openly complaining of how he had been flying since 10 pm the prior night. I think he did it so others might prompt where he was coming from. The lady behind him bit, and they engaged in conversation. A very loud one.

Turns out she was a bartender so she was accustomed to patrons acting in this manner. They then began this long, loud discussion about how much bartenders get paid and many other boring topics (to me anyway). This continued for some time as we waited for the luggage to load and clear to pull from the gate.

I regret I never thought to film the truly bad and obnoxious parts but I did film part of this loud discussion. But, I decided not to portray it here out of respect for privacy (even though they were not being very private). They were in a public domain and I can legally share it here by I think it better not to expose.

Anyway, just before they closed the door for take off the counter lady boarded and told me there was a remaining first class seat if I wanted it. I thought a moment before I accepted. Did I really want to be seated with this “first class” crowd?

I ultimately decided I would, since I was already only one seat away from the madness. I was happy I did, as the man who obviously had too much to drink passed out and slept almost the entire flight.

The incident made me recall another drink incident that happened in Malaysia. A very big man came into the first class section intoxicated. I remembered him from the gate area as he was being loud and entertaining any who would listen to him. And he had a large crowd laughing with (at?) him.

When he came on the flight and asked for a drink the flight attendant refused him. He then got very loud, to the point the head flight attendant came to him and asked him to get off the plane. He argued to no avail and eventually left peacefully (thankfully).

I was seated across the aisle from him and the head flight attendant came to me after and apologized for having to put up withit. I told her how grateful I was for her courage (this was a big, drunk man).

For veteran travelers, these are the things you inevitably come across when you pack a few hundred people in close proximity in a metal can. It’s not always pleasant, but I think the unpleasant events are rare enough it keeps me boarding.

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Mike Wells
Mike Wells
5 days ago
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I think you have been very lucky to travel as much as you have and have not had more stories to tell about obnoxious people. Glad you enjoy traveling . Not sure if your traveling now or home either way enjoy yourself

5 days ago
Replying to

Overseas right now. Home in a week,

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