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Love Story of Nigasaki

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

I was on the island of Nigasaki when it it struck me something was different about this place. It didn't take me long to notice it was an island of all girls. Not a single man lived on this island.

Curious, I asked one of the ladies what happened. Where were all the men? To which she replied they had all gone off to war for many years, even the young children.

Nigasaki had a long standing feud with the island of Hedoginia. The men of Nigasaki accused them of stealing their women at night. They claimed they came in stealthily after midnight and carried them away to Hedoginia.

Finally, they had enough of it and declared war on the neighboring island. But Hedoginia had more men and were more powerful, so Nigasaki gathered an army of men and boys, all they had, and traveled to the neighboring island to declare war.

But the war carried on for many years. The women of Nigasaki grew older waiting for the return of their men. Each year they would look out over the land in hopes for a sign of their return.

And older they grew. Desperate to have families they waited with patience. Then finally the only men that didn't die in the war returned. But they were much older now.

The men looked out over the sea of women and knew they could have their pick. But they longed for true love.

The women dressed in their finest clothes to parade before the men. Each put on their best display to win the heart of one of the two surviving males.

"Please choose me!", these women cried with their best smiles. But their smiles were out of practice and it only served to repulse the two potential suitors.

More girls came to the parade:

One lady proclaimed, "Stay away from them ho's, choose us instead!". But the men were not convinced.

The men gathered the women around and declared to all of them they were looking for true love.

"If you can proclaim to us the true language of love, then we will be yours forever", they promised to the women.

But what did that mean? What was the language of love? They had not known love for so long, how could they possibly know the language?

But one lady was smarter than the rest. She was a schoolteacher and she spoke many languages. Surely, she thought, I can crack that code. Who knows more languages than I?

So she went to work on her big chalkboard writing all the ways you can say those words:

She wrote and wrote and wrote, knowing that one of these languages must be right. But the men looked at all her work and were not impressed.

The school teacher thought and thought as she pondered the board, " What did I do wrong? I wrote the words in every language I know!"

Then it came to her! The language of love can never be written by chaulk or pen. It has never been a written language! She knew the answer!

The true language of love is from the heart and must be expressed as such. So with her chubby little fingers she made the symbol of the heart for the men to see.

The men saw she knew the real language of love and they both wanted to marry her. So they fought for the woman. They fought with fists but could not resolve. So, they both took out their knives and simultaneously stabbed one another. Tragically, they both died. Once again the island of Nigasaki was without men.

Well, I was stunned at this story. An island of all women desperate to have families. Now they're left again with no men! Then I noticed the chubby little school teacher eyeing me with an animal look. Closer I could see her drawing to me. Then a spittle of drool appeared at the corner of her jowls.

I knew that was my sign. I quickly ran to the shoreline and swam the 1 1/2 miles to Hedoginia.

To be continued......(unfortunately).


Disclaimer: This is, of course, a fictional story. All the handsome men and beautiful women of this story are, undoubtedly, of fine moral character. All comments were made in jest, and in no way reflect the true upstanding values of the people shown in the story.

BTW, these are all original photos from my trip to South Korea.

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Roger Wells
Roger Wells
20 жовт. 2023 р.
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Mike Wells
Mike Wells
20 жовт. 2023 р.

Quite an imagination. Thank God you were such a great swimmer. Otherwise you would of had a totally different life.

20 жовт. 2023 р.
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I had a lot of practice looking for glasses at the bottom of Sand Pond.

Actually you won’t know my swimming fate until tomorrow’s post.

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