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Maine Ice Storm of 2020

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Although I live in Florida now, I still love to visit my home state of Maine. It really is one of the prettiest and diverse states in the Union. I love the distinction between the four seasons that you don't get in the south.

Although Maine is mostly known to the world for its dramatic coastline, for good reasons, the interior mountainous area is a beautiful place to visit. Not only in the summer and autumn (for the fall foliage ), but even the winter is gorgeous.

In 2020 I flew to Maine and rented a car during the winter months. I was there for the purpose of visiting family. My mother, eighty-nine years old at the time, does not drive and relies on family to drive her around. When I go to Maine I try to take her for long drives, as my father did when he was alive. This is the life she has known.

This particular time was special. The state had just experienced an ice storm. Although no one wants an ice storm as it can mean power outages as the weight of the ice on power lines and tree branches that fall on power lines can result in frequent losses of power. But, if you can look at the other side of the coin, it provides a unique glimpse at the beauty of nature.

Weld, Maine

We drove through Weld, Maine and looped around through Coos Canyon. The roads were a bit treacherous but certainly passable. Maine road crews are well experienced readying roads after brutal storms.

Coos Canyon

This impressive work of nature does not last long. After a day or two the beauty fades as the ice quickly melts from the trees. I actually prefer this scene to the fall foliage, as beautiful as that is.

I'll leave you with a few short video takes:

Coos Canyon in Byron, Maine:

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