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Motorbike Riding in Dumaguette, Philippines

Yeah, I probably shouldn't be doing this at my age, but I do it anyway. I rent a small motorbike, only 125 cc bike, and I use it to transport myself through these areas of the world where rental cars aren't practical.

I usually weigh that against paying for local transportation, which is normally cheap, and determine which case is most practical. In this case, I knew I wanted to travel outside of the city and up into the mountains and there was just no local transportation that was practical to do that each day. So I decided to rent a motorbike.

This post is mostly to give a flavor of what it's like to drive a small motorbike in Asia. Unlike other areas where I've seen large potholes and other animal obstacles in the way, although there were animas here, I really never saw them in the road, just on the side of the road. But the roads were generally in good shape.

This was a rainforest I was driving through for the most part. So the drive was absolutely gorgeous most of the time when I got outside of the city.

I braved holding my phone to take some video as I rode my bike. I don't really like to do this because I'm driving with one hand which at my age and my low skill level, is probably not a good idea.

But you can see how well the roads are maintained. Most all of them are concrete roads, as asphalt is very rare in this area of the world. Probably because of the high heat.

You can see the deep greenery of the rainforest, and the cloudy skies which were prevalent almost every day I was there. They get a lot of rain.

I was impressed with a lot of the trees they have there. They were quite unique to me. Sorry I'm unable to identify what kind of trees they are.

This is mostly just a simple video post to give you a flavor of what driving is like on a motorbike in the Philippines. I really felt quite confident when I was outside of the city, but a little bit nervous in the city as there was just so much congestion and you have to worry about people passing you on each side of you all of the time. They know what they're doing, but I don't.

Sorry, all of my pictures and videos are of me driving outside of the city. I really don't have the skill level to be taking pictures and videos while riding my bike in the congested parts of the city.

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Mike Wells
Mike Wells
Mar 03
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I thought you said watch out Cow. The housing was pretty primitive roads were good. Verycgreen did not appear to be to mountainous. Very cool area

Mar 03
Replying to

I don’t know what I said in the video. Just crazy talk I guess.

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