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Mt. Fuji, Japan

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Well, you really can't go half way around the world and not take the extra two hours from Tokyo to see this monstrosity. That's what I did on both my trips to Japan. I don't normally visit the same location twice, but sometimes the scenery is so special it merits an extra trip.

I took the bus from Tokyo because it was the most economical, easiest, and fastest way to see the mountain. The two hour ride was comfortable and convenient.

As the bus approached the area, it allowed for some great photo ops if you were on the right side of the bus:

The parking lot for the buses continued to afford that opportunity:

Mt. Fuji is an active volcano, although it has not erupted in over 300 years. It is known for its perfect symmetrical cone.

The mountain is the tallest in Japan at over 12,000 ft (3800 meters), but I did not personally climb to measure it. Over 2 miles of vertical is too much for old bones like mine.

The mountain stands as a looming figure over the small town of Fugikawaguchiko (I hope Ispelled that right). The town also hosts a magnificent lake called Lake Kawaguchi which offers terrific views of the mountain.

I was there in early April so I was able to catch the tail end of the cherry blossom season. I'll shut up and let the pictures do the talking as the scenery is what this place is all about:

This was a great day excursion from Tokyo. One I would recommend to any who venture that far.

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