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My Mars Adventure Part 2

When I last left you

I was taken to the Supreme leader of Mars:

I was, of course, shocked she was here. Remember, her schoolteacher sister was a very bright girl and had obviously beaten me to making the first quantum leap machine. But now, once again, l stand before her.

A lot had happened since that cannonball dive off the rocky ledge of Hefogenia. I wasn't even sure she would still remember me after all this time. She obviously was a person of much importance now, and me, I'm just a wayward traveler looking to get home.

I pondered why she (well I'm not even sure she was a she anymore with all the transformation potions she had drank that her sister concocted) remained here on Mars. Didn't she miss home? But I guess with all these beautiful looking Martian women, who would want to leave?

But now I stood before her, once again at her mercy. Actually, it was she who unintentionally saved me off those ledges of Hedogenia, but I was not sure I would be so lucky this time.

"Hello Chrysanthum", I uttered in my gasping voice. The air was a little thin on Mars and I had walked a long ways.

Chrysanthum looked at me with surprise that I used her former name. I had learned it from her schoolteacher sister prior to leaving the island of Trempini here:

She/Them responded, "Sir, I don't go by that name anymore. Now I'm simply known as €£¥."

What, is she/them like the artist formerly known as Prince? How do I even pronounce that thing? But I knew I did not want to antagonize €£¥. She/Them had all the power here on Mars.

And what with the "sir" thing? After all we had been through together I thought we could be a little less formal than that! But, again, I'm not going to argue with the Supreme Leader of Mars!

I simply replied, "Yes, your majesty". What? Did that actually come from my mouth? Your majesty? What a fool I was making of myself. I'm not in front of the Queen of England here!

I tried to recover from my nervous blunder. "It's nice to see you again, my dear". What? My dear!? That's even worse! In my attempt to amend I went too far the other way. Now I was sure I was in trouble.

She dismissed my crazy talk. Instead she was focused on one thing. She simply asked, "I'm surprised you're still alive. I hope my sister is as well. How is my sister doing?"

I hadn't realized she had never seen her sister since that fateful day when she cannonballed us to Trempini. Of course, she probably thought we both perished in the resulting tsunami she caused. Oh, the guilt she must have been burdened with all these years. Now it made sense, this was the reason she departed for Mars. It was an attempt to escape a guilty conscience! Maybe I could use this to my advantage.

So I lied to her, of course. "Well, my sweet sister-in-law, I'm glad to say she is fine and we are married now!" I knew she didn't know her sister actually married one of the lonely men on Trempini. But if I could cozy up to her, perhaps she would show me some mercy. Perhaps she might even know a way to get me back to earth.

Remember, I quantum leaped my way to Mars, but I never thought about the return. I left my machine behind with no one to work it. Now I was stuck here. It would take me years to build another one, provided they even had a Walmart here for me to get the parts I required. Surely she was smarter than I was and had a means to return me.

€€¥ seemed surprised and happy, "Come over here and give me a big hug!"

Well, I'm not sure that would be worth the free trip home, but I sucked it up and did as she requested. Her grip was tight. I was already gasping in the thin air yet she managed to squeeze the remaining oxygen from my lungs. Enough of that, I broke free of her grip and collapsed on the Martian soil.

This was one strong beast! I knew I had to get away from her. She was dangerous. I tried to crawl to safety, away from this miscreant of nature.

But, I soon find myself surrounded by a large contingency of Martians. Apparently this show of disrespect for their Supreme Leader would not be tolerated. I had no idea what would happen next...

To be continued next week......

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Roger Wells
Jan 09
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Mike Wells
Mike Wells
Jan 05
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It's a cliff hanger what will happen to Captain Kirk. Will he get back to civilization. Will Spock come to his rescue. I guess we wait till next week to find out

Jan 05
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Beam me up Scotty

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