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My Nile Adventure

On a trip to Egypt I ended up taking a very strange trip down the Nile river. I had negotiated with a boatsman and we agreed upon a price for an excursion down the waterway. He was a man of dubious character, but the price was right so I decided to take the chance.

The ride seemed normal at first. I took my place at the front of the boat being the explorer that I am.

"Onward!", I cried to the boatsman. He immediately responded and we were off for our Nile adventure.

We went down the river at an even pace for a while. I kept myself at the front of the boat to look for any potential dangers.

I squinted my eyes against the bright Egyptian sun in search of any potential pirates or other obstructions that may cause harm. I readied myself for any potential danger, knowing that on this ancient river, anything could happen.

Throughout the cruise, I felt as if we were being watched by some ancient forces that I did not understand.

I could not escape the eerie feeling of being watched by these ancient beings, so I turned to the boatsman, and I commanded him to stop.

I exited the boat and decided I would continue this journey by foot. I felt less of a target on foot than I did in that exposed boat.

After having walked a while in the hot Egyptian sun I noticed an entrance into the ground. It looked like it would be a cool respite from the heat of the day so I entered.

I had no idea what lie beneath, but I knew that I was too hot to remain above ground. Besides, I could still feel those eyes watching me.

Through the spiraling tunnel I descended into the abyss. It seemed as if the path went on forever. Until eventually, I reached an opening in the deep underground of this Egyptian mysterious tomb.

The air was cold and damp at this subterranean level. A bit spooky too. Who can tell what's buried in these ancient soils? I've watched too many mummy movies to feel comfortable here.

Strange marking began to appear on the walls. This snake image didn't look very welcoming. Was this a warning of things to come?

Other ominous images began to apppear on the walls. Just what was the place I entered? And what is this dog looking creature?

Now this is getting scary, but I was just too curious to go back. Besides, I didn't get too good a feeling on the surface either! So I continued into the abyss:

A pile of bones? Yikes! This isn't a good sign!

Then, to my surprise, I heard a dog barking further down the tunnel. Great! Finally a sign of life. I quickened my pace to the place I heard the noise.

But then...silence. The barking suddenly stopped. That was curious! What had the dog encountered to silence him? The mystery was soon solved:

The dog had been mummified. Silenced for all eternity. But what, or who, had caused this?

That was also soon answered. My old friend had returned. But what was she doing here? You may remember her from this post:

My witch doctor friend had returned, and she was back to her old tricks. But what was she doing in Egypt?

I started to ask her that very question when suddenly she raised her staff, pointed it at me and...

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