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Numbers after Third Month of Blogging

I thought I'd share with you how this blog is doing after the third month. Here's my third month numbers;

As you can see my number of post views are down 23%. In fact every statistic is down. This is the third straight month of declines. I think I may be the first blogger to post losses in consecutive first months. New blogs usually increase exponentially early on.

Oh well, I committed to posting for a year and I will continue regardless of readership. This is a good format to document the stories while I can still remember them.

I admit I don't really know what I'm doing in these writings. I've yet to even settle on an identity. Some posts are about places I've been, some are travel stories of things that happened to me when traveling (my favorite things to write), some are philosophical ramblings, and lately I started mixing in fictional stories that pop in my head when looking at photos. Not really a concise theme.

Last month my best post was this one:

It was a made up story I concocted about my grandchildren. With 21 views, that's viral in my world. I never thought anyone would really be interested in a nonsensical story like that, but I'm glad it was enjoyed.

Going forward I'll continue to do a mixture of the things I've done already and I might try to throw in some poetry I've written in the past, inspired by travel events. I'll try to keep it informational as well as entertaining.

I really want to thank my core readers out there. I'm not really sure but I think I have about 5 of you who read every post. I am so appreciative of your encouragement by comments, likes, and just viewing the posts.

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