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People I met at the Pyramids

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

One of the interesting things I encountered at the Pyramids of Egypt was how much the local tourists loved interacting and taking photo opportunities with other nationalities. And it wasn't just me. Although during my visit there were not a lot of western travelers that I noticed, there were a lot of Asian travelers they also interacted with.

I found the Egyptian people to be very friendly and genuine. They had a sincere interest in foreign travelers and their culture. And yes they loved taking pictures of each encounter. That was great because it offered me the same opportunity to have the moments captured on my camera phone as well.

Here are some of the many people I interacted with:

This was a fun group. They were having a blast here. I wished I asked them how often they traveled here or if this was their first time.

I don't know the laws on head coverings. Most were wearing in their teens but younger girls of this age usually did not. Not sure why these girls were wearing but it's not a question I thought appropriate to ask.

This lady had enough walking and was just sitting on a stone. I approached her and asked her daughter to take the pictures of us. She got a big kick out of it. She was very appreciative I would ask. I found that to be true in most cases.

I think she was shy.

I think she thought I was handsome. 🤪

I took a lot of photos. I really don't remember this kid.

Another fun group. I actually stayed and talked with them for awhile. They were very interested in my travels and asked a lot of questions. If somebody wants me to stay and talk about myself I can stay all day!!! 😀

I guess she liked my stupid jokes

These girls were in a larger group but wanted to be photographed individually. Not everyone wanted to be photographed, but the vast majority did. I don't remember why this girl didn't have a head covering, but I likely never asked.

As you can see I mostly photograph with women and children simply because they are more approachable and approached me more. I don't think any men approached asking for a picture.

Nice they wanted a family picture with me.

This picture was taken by the Sphinx. I should have gotten a better angle to include the head.

This father was with the people below. But they also wanted to be photographed individually . Not sure why.

Cute smile!

What did I do?

I actually have more but I don't want to be redundant too much. As you can see, the Pyramids are a great place to visit. Not only for the archeological aspect, but the cultural one as well.

I'll leave you with an encounter I had with two young Egyptian girls who didn't know where were the Pyramids when they right in front of them! Amusing.

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