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Ras Mohammed National Park Tip of Sinai Peninsula

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Located at the southern most tip of the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt lies this beautiful national park. I had a rental car for my stay so I took a self drive from my hotel in Sharm el Sheik to this location.

One of the first things you are greeted by is this beautiful lagoon:

Although this area was not swamped with tourists they were present. This area is a playground for Russian tourists. There were many tours tailored for them. I think Russian was spoken by the locals just as well as English. which is very unusual in my travels.

Yes, the water colors are amazing!

As I traveled further I was met by the Gates of Allah:

Showcasing the talents of Egyptian engineering and architecture.

This is a diverse park with a mixture of desert, salt water, and mountains.

One of the highlight of the park is the coral reefs. This area of Egypt is actually quite famous for diving and snorkeling. I did some snorkeling in another area of the peninsula.

Coral reef at low tide.

Video of reef at low tide:

And one last video:

This is the beautiful Ras Mohammed National Park at the southern most tip of the Sinai Peninsula. Bordered by the Bay of Suez to the east and the Bay of Aqaba to the west.

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