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River Crossing in India

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

On my travels in India I noticed one of the things we take for granted in the USA is not always available in other part of the world. In this case I'm speaking to basic bridges to cross the rivers.

So what do you do when you have no bridge and need to cross?

You walk across

You carry your stuff across

And of course, if you have transportation you drive across. In remote India, the vast majority cannot afford a motorbike. Walking is the normal mode of transportation. It's quite common for the people to be carrying goods for distances.

Video of motorcycle crossing

I think he has to know the shallow route.

There's just not the infrastructure in many parts of India as we enjoy and take for granted in the USA. But people are resourceful and always make do with what they have. I'm not sure what they do during high waters.

But I do know what they do in the Philippines. Many areas of the Phils are in flood areas. Their homes are often two stories so they simply move upstairs when the bottom floor is flooded. In these areas they rarely can afford boats so they make them through hollowed out logs or whatever can float. They park the motorbikes, if they have one, on high ground so they can paddle to it and get to work.

Yeah, people are resourceful.

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