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Shediac New Brunswick, Canada

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

My roots go back to this Arcadia region of Canada. My great grandfather came over from England on a boat as a teenager. It's believed his family drowned but he made it ashore.

He hid in the barn of a Frenchman but was discovered. His name was Bill from Bristol, England. That's all he could convey to the Frenchman who found him and later adopted him. He later took the first name of a traveling priest who baptized him as was the custom. His first name then became his last (William) along with a second last name, Bristol, where he was from. The two last names were used interchangeably from that time forward to the present. My mother's maiden name is Williams but she has many relatives who chose the name Bristol. Funny times back then.

I took my 88 year old mother at the time, along with my sister and brother-in-law to our place of Arcadian origin. Many past relatives resided in Shediac. It's known primarily for lobstering and is home to what I believe is the worlds largest lobster.

For scale, here is my 88 year old mother sitting beside it in her 4 ft 10 inch frame.

The first thing we did when he entered the town was seek out that famous lobster. Not knowing where to go we settled on a roadside lobster roll place with outside seating.

After we finished what turned out to be a very average meal, we were off exploring the graveyards for our kin folk. After much search we came across the name we sought.

After finding some lost relatives nobody knew, we were off to see the coast. The coast here is a rocky one like Maine and all the former Arcadian region. But it has a different clay-like color to it.

After this we were on our way to see the world's biggest axe:

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