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Slinging to Singapore

No this isn't about a Singapore Sling drink. It's about my trip to Singapore. I was on a bus recently with a couple from Singapore and it reminded me I never wrote a story about Singapore yet. Well, to be truthful, I've made the stop there twice but neither trip was all that memorable, so I never bothered to post until now. This is more a knock on me than Singapore. I likely didn't know the best places to go, or it simply is my bad taste not to enjoy this vibrant country/city. It sems like no more than a city to me even though it is it's own country. I'm not a night life person as I'm usually in bed by 9:00 pm at the latest (sometimes 8:00), so that is another reason I'm not the best person to speak about Singapore as I believe they have an awesome nightlife for the party goers.

There are around 5.5 million residents of this island country. Since the area of the country is so small, those 5.5 million makes it the second most densely populated country in the world (Monaco is number 1).

View of Singapore as I'm flying in:

Aerial view of Singapore

Singapore is an affluent Asian country. It is the envy of Southeast Asia. This region of Asia is steeped in poverty, but this city nation of Singapore stands out as a beacon of hope to the neighboring countries.

I will say it is a city of style:

Marina Bay Sands in Singapore

Singapore is very business friendly with low tax rates and zero tolerance for corruption. Investments into the country is a prime factor in the influx of wealth. The people enjoy a higher per capita GDP than even the USA at nearly $85,000 per capita ($78,000 for USA in case you're wondering).

I’m at Marina Bay in Singapore

Marina bay sands in Singapore

The three towers which dominate the bay front landscape is Marina Bay Sands, a resort opened in 2010.

Marina Bay in Singapore

This is a very upscale, luxury area of the country. Besides the luxury hotels, the bay area is designed with flower conservatories and wonderful gardens, including the Supertrees of Gardens by the Bay. Perhaps in the future I'll feature those areas in a post.

Marina bay sands at dusk in Singapore

At night the city takes on a different flavor. There ia a beautiful light show called Spectra, a Light and Water Show after dark. This all has a Las Vegas feel to it that I personally don't care about (even the Marina Sands hotel is owned by Las Vegas Sands). But to the first timer or occasional visitor to these type of events it can be quite spectacular.

Singapore skyline at night

City at night.

Singapore skyline

Singapore at night

The bright lights of Singapore

Singapore at night Marina Bay

I will say that the city Singapore is quite modern and beautiful. However, this simply is not my taste. Even though I've been to Singapore on two separate occasions, I've never stayed for long. Three nights has been my maximum length of stay.

Again, this is in no way a knock on the city. It is a wonderful place to visit for the vast majority. But I prefer more natural settings, and even the gardens and greenery of the city appeared contrived.

There is more to this city that I'll post on in the future, but this gives you an idea of the flavor of the heart of Singapore, the Marina Bay area.

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