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SLO-MO Rush - Time Stand Still

The title sounds like an oxymoron but it's not. I'll explain.

When I was young I would listen to the Canadian rock band called Rush. Although I liked their music, they were not among my favorite bands at the time. But, over time as I aged, they slowly became one of my favorite bands of all time.

The drummer of the band, Neil Peart, was the superstar talent of the group. Neil was known as "The Professor" to many of us. Unfortunately, he died of brain cancer at the early age of 67. Not only was he an unbelievable drummer talent, he wrote the hits for the band. One of the songs he penned is my favorite from Rush. It's called " Time Stand Still".

Neil's inspiration for the song resonates with many of us. Time is passing us quickly and we want to "freeze these moments a little bit longer", as he writes. Usually the moments we wish to freeze come in retrospect as we look back upon them. But sometimes they're in the present.

I thought of this song as I came across some of my old videos on my phone. A number of times I would be at a beautiful site and I just wanted the moment to last a little bit longer. The only way I knew to do it was to record in slow motion.

Here are a few of these moments:

Standing before Perito Moreno glacier in Patagonia I knew it was a rare moment and I likely would not see a glacier of this magnitude again in my life. Time stand still.

The beautiful emarald waters of Khao Sok surrounded by rock ledges. These 3 seconds last 26.

The rock bound coast of Maine at Pemaquid point.

View from my cabin balcony of the end of the world in Ushuaia.

Iguazu Falls. Time stand still.

Ok, this one's different. This tribal dance was just cool. See how high he can jump?

I'll leave you with this one. This kid in India loved to show off his skill. It was fun recording him in slo-mo and showing it back to him. He wanted to see it over and over. Lots of fun!

Moments in time of my travels. Moments I enjoyed stilling, if only for the moment.

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