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Soi Sawan Waterfall Thailand

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

On a self drive along the Mekong river in Thailand I came across this waterfall. This is in the far east side of the country bordering the country of Laos. As you may know by now, I prefer destinations where there are no tourists but just locals. This place did not disappoint.

This is part of a national park in the country so there is an entrance fee. They charge 40 baht ($1.25) for Thais but 5 times that for foreigners. That's typical for parks in this country. I happily paid my $6 and entered. I was the only westerner in the park that I saw.

It's a short but beautiful walk to the falls. At the end of the walk it's a pleasure to see the locals enjoying the falls.

The Thais love their water. They have a yearly festival called Sonkan where they use various methods to get you wet as you walk the streets. I guess because it's so hot there they look for means to cool off.

This waterfall is about 65 feet in height. It's located in the rainforest but this was not the rainy season so the waterfall was not as powerful as it could be.

I enjoyed the walk to the falls but mostly I just enjoyed watching the locals enjoy themselves in the water.

Some photos of the falls:

I probably stayed there about an hour or so. I just waded in the water as I had no swimsuit with me as this was simply an impromptu stop. But I do have a good waterfall swim experience I had in the northern part of the country I'll share once I recover the pictures from my motherless board computer.

This was part of a week long or so self drive I did along the Mekong river. I made many impromptu stops as this was an unplanned trip. I've found the best adventures happen at the spur of the moment. I do much less planning these days.

I'll leave you with some short videos:

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