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Some People….

Updated: Feb 9

I don't normally post real time but today is an exception. I normally schedule my posts in advance and post only once each day. But today, as I write this from the JFK airport, I will post real time. A two post day, mostly because I'm exasperated.

I just returned from a trip to Cambodia and the Philippines last night and had an overnight stay in New York. I will finish the domestic portion of my trip to my home today.

If you get on a shuttle bus from a hotel to the JFK airport, you truly know that you're in the great melting pot of the USA. When I boarded the shuttle bus with 10 other people, including the driver, I realize once again, how diverse New York is as I was the only one on the shuttle bus who didn't speak with an accent.

Please don't take this as any type of criticism because it's not. I actually love the diversity of cultures, if I didn't, I wouldn't travel to so many places like I do. But there was an incident on the shuttle bus that reminded me again that people are people. Most people are good, but there are the occasional a-holes from every nationality.

The shuttle was full, as most are these days. I was next to last to board. There were 3 rows of seating with 3 seats in the first and second row, and 4 in the back of the bus/van.

The first row was full and there was one seat vacant in the second row. The last row had two people in it, but this large Muslim man took the first seat in the row and blocked it so no one could get easily pass him. So naturally I took the vacant seat in the second row.

That left only two seats in the last row, the two middle seats in that row. But the big man blocked the pathway to those seats. Now in came the last passenger, an elderly Indian lady. She entered and approached the last row to take one of the remaining empty seats, but she came up against the resolute Muslim man who would not be considerate enough to either move over, get up to let her by, or even simply move his legs so she could pass.

I could see the look of desperation in the poor lady's face and it just made me angry at that man. I quickly stood up and told her to take my seat which she gratefully accepted. Then I went to the back row and pushed past the big man. The guy even stiffened his legs to make it difficult for me but I was undeterred . I physically pushed his legs aside and took my seat.

This was over the top. I didn't know if he spoke English or not, but I turned to him and asked, "What's the matter with you?" To which there was no reply. He just sat there! Not even acknowledging me. Just staring straight ahead, Unbelievable!

Well, when we stopped at the airport, unfortunately, my terminal was the first of several stops. I prepared myself for further confrontation as I had to get past him one more time. But this time he got up from his seat and let me by. Go figure!

I admit I don't know what makes some people tick. By far, the majority of people are kind and courteous. But...some people!

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