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The Boy who Hated Chocolate

While visiting Hershey, Pennsylvania, I came across a very strange boy. He hated chocolate! What! Who hates chocolate? Well at least one little boy,

I saw him at the Hershey chocolate factory. He was making his own personalized chocolate candy bar but had a scowl on his face

Curious, I asked the boy what was the matter. To which he replied, "Why don't you mind your own business you nosy old American!"

Well, I've heard that before but it's never deterred me. So I told him if he didn't answer my question I would make him eat two chocolate bars. That did the trick. He spilled the beans

"I hate chocolate. My parents make me eat it all day long. Chocolate pancakes for breakfast. Chocolate ice cream for lunch. And chocolate milk for dinner. I hate chocolate!", he said. Wow! I didn't expect that. Who makes their kids eat chocolate all day long? No wonder he had such a sad face.

I could see how exasperated he was as he watched his personalized candy bar make it through assembly . "Oh no!", he said. "I just know my mommy is going to make me eat it."

Well, I had great sympathy for this boy. I mean, he's never eaten a delicious brussel sprout? Not even a single fiddle head? How much abuse could one child tolerate?

I walked beside him as he followed his candy bar through the assembly line. Privately he wished the bar would fall off or somehow be ruined in this process, but no such luck. His chocolate treat was processing just fine!

When the candy bar was finished, the boy refused to pick it up. He just stopped there with his arms folded with a stubborn look on his face.

Well, I could not stand to see his pain any longer. I picked up his candy bar and ate it in front of him. Then I opened my backpack and gave him a delicious can of spinach I had been saving for later.

You would think I gave him his first hot fudge sundae! You should have seen him quickly open that can of spinach and drink it out of the can like it was a milkshake. Then, with a big smile he said, "I hope my mom and dad don't find out about this. They don't like it when I eat healthy foods between meals!”

Sorry little buddy. I've never heard of such child abuse in my life! Imagine that, to be forced to eat chocolate all your life.

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Mike Wells
Mike Wells
Apr 19
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Does bubby really not like chocolate because he had a sad face holding the candy bars at the end. I don't think I have ever met a little boy that would eat spinach out of the can.

Apr 19
Replying to

He just had an attitude that day when we went to Hershey, Pa. The spinach as well as most this story is fictional. I’m the only one where eats it from the can 🤪 like Popeye!

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