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The Cannonball Diver at Hedogenia

Updated: Jan 16

Well, I never told the rest of this story, maybe it's best untold. You may remember from this story the girl who defied the laws of physics and caused the tsunami that washed me and the schoolteacher to the shore of Tripoli island?:

It was years later, but I crossed paths with her again. Just as a reminder, this was what she looked like:

Her schoolteacher sister was happily married now to one of the men on the Island of Trempini. By now they had already had two children, both boys, making her still the only girl on that island. And man did her husband have jealousy issues! But that's another story.

Back to her science-defying sister. I learned later her name was Chrysanthum. She had grown up on the island of Nigasaki, which, as you may recall from my previous story was an island of all women:

I learned later how this young lady could perform such extraordinary physical feats as she did that fateful day off the ledges of Hedogenia. It turns out that the people of the island of Nigasaki were well educated. Especially in the fields of math and science. This had been a research facility prior to the men going off to war.

After all the men had been gone for many years, one desperate woman was intent on finding a husband. Or, in this case, even making one. So, in her attempt she put her scientific knowledge to work at the research facility. The intent was to transform some of the women into men. But not just any men, but super human ones.

Well, if you're going to manufacture husbands I guess it makes sense you would want them to be better than the average. Who wants average?

The schoolteacher was the smartest among them and she began the research. After carefully reviewing the formulae she decided she had the answer. But she needed a subject to try it on. Her sister, Chrysanthum, was an eager volunteer.

Chrysanthum underwent many months of drinking the various potions her sister derived, but none of them seemed to work. The schoolteacher would tweak the formula each time, but nothing. However, Chrysanthum began to change in other ways. She was developing super human capabilities!

The two sisters kept their secret from the rest of the women on the island for fear they would be burned as witches. Yes, these beliefs still existed on this well-educated island of people. But the secret was becoming harder to keep as the transformation of Chrysanthum was getting more pronounced. Not only was she developing super human abilities, her appearance was starting to slowly change as well!

When I hastily left the island of Nigasaki, the women were in hot pursuit. Not just because they were man hungry, but they needed to leave the island lest their hideous secret be known.

So , they pursued me to the ledges of the island of Hedogenia:

And it was here I witnessed the physics defying feat of this genetically altered woman from the island of Nigasaki. I'm actually quite grateful for her talents, because without them I never would have escaped the clutches of the over zealous schoolteacher.

But that only speaks to the origin of the changes to Chrysanthum. You might be curious as to the rest of the story. Just where did I come in contact with her again? What happened to her?

Well, unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your perspective), Chrysanthum's transformation was not complete. Over the years, she continued her changes. Whatever her deranged schoolteacher sister subjected her to, continued to bring forth her metamorphosis.

I came across this aberrant being in a garden. A very special and strange garden of which I have already previously introduced you. A very Secret Garden as you may recall from this post:

Yes, you have seen her before. This unfortunate girl slowly transformed to be the hideous wizard of the Secret Garden:

You just never know what you'll see when venturing to strange lands!

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Roger Wells
Roger Wells
23 de dez. de 2023
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Mike Wells
Mike Wells
22 de dez. de 2023

That's an interesting perspective on life changes

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