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The Enchanted Forest

In the deep rainforest of Borneo I came upon an enchanted forest. The natives had warned me of this place before I ventured deep into the woods. I was informed of a forest of magical abilities where the outcome was not known.

The natives told stories of those who were bespelled by these woods, only to exit to a new, topsy-turvy world where nothing made sense. A world of bizarre proportions. The enchanted forest was the portal to this world.

Well, if you've read my last adventures, you know I don't believe in such things. Magical forests? Yeah, right. These natives have been drinking too much of that Cobra wine. I wasn't having anything to do with it. So off I set out for my next adventure.

The walk began as any other would. The trail a bit twisted and the woods a bit eerie, but this is Borneo, a strange land in itself.

Eventually the path became quite nice. Almost inviting I would say, was the woods beckoning me to enter into its magical realm? Of course not! I wasn't going to allow those old native stories to get in my head. Onward!

But, I must admit, there was a magical appeal to this arboreal realm. Magical or not, I could feel an aura to this place like none other I've felt before.

And still on I pressed. I knew this could not continue forever. By now I was growing weary of walking and hoped to find an exit.

Now I could here water ahead. Yes! Where there is water there is civilization! I must make it to the waterway...

I came upon this serene river with a kayak? What? Why was it sitting there alone on the river. It was as if it was inviting me to take a trip down this surreal river but to where?

I could not resist the temptation. Besides, I had enough walking. It would be a calm respite to slowly paddle my way to exit this elvish regime.

This was more like it! A nice float down the waterway to freedom. I was happy to leave this forest behind. Besides, those ancient tales were getting in my mind now. I was even starting to believe them.

But now as I calmly paddled to my exit, I knew this magical transformation to a topsy-turvy world was but the ancient imaginations passed down through generations. The initial result of a drunken ancestor who maybe had a bit too much ganja in those woods. Anyway, now I was returning to my sanity.

I encountered strange species of lizards along the waterway. They seemed an ominous sign of something ahead.

Then I saw it! An opening through the trees. Finally I could exit these mystical lands and see for certainly the tales were a farce. A topsy-turvy world indeed!

But as I rounded the corner I couldn't believe my eyes! Could those natives be right? I was astonished at what lay before my eyes!

My world was suddenly turned upside down! When will I learn to trust the natives with their ancient tales?

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Roger Wells
Roger Wells
Feb 25
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.



Mike Wells
Mike Wells
Feb 23
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

It took me a lot of alcohol to start seeing things upside down . Not sure if was a native drink or what but I one time saw God at the top of my stairs at my house and it was a woman. I guess anything is possible.

Feb 23
Replying to

But I did drink some cobra wine once in the jungle. I just don’t remember which jungle it was and it’s not because I was drunk or anything. They all blend together after a while.

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